Chauvin, a family saga!

The company was created by Paul Chauvin in 1890. Ochre was a family affair: the sons or daughters helped their father and then took over. In 1911 the company was renamed Paul Chauvin et fils. It then became Chauvin Frères (after the brothers Antonin and Paul Chauvin) in 1933.
In 1952, Antonin Chauvin opened up the market for ochre packed in small quantities. He died in 1957 hard at work extracting ochre while mining a cliff at the Colorado site in Rustrel.

In the 1970s, their son Jean-Paul took over and the expansion of the building industry locally allowed him to continue selling ochre and to develop the family business with paint and render manufacturing.
When Jean-Paul died in 1990, the family company, now called Établissements Chauvin, continued to grow, run by his wife Nadine and his daughter Karine.
Then in 1997, Établissements Chauvin became a limited company with the name Ets Chauvin Peintures et Ocres, run by Karine and Céline Chauvin. They maintained the existing product range, and also marketed a wide range of pigments for various different applications such as colouring fillers, lime distemper and coloured plasters.
New products were introduced, such as Distressing Gel (used for creating beautiful patinas to personalize interiors) and Resin Binders which increase the number of uses for the pigments. They are very easy to apply, and allow these beautiful colours to be used on a large number of surfaces, with a return to velvety and warm age-old effects.

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